ReSVPond Plus v3.0

ReSVPond Plus v3.0
Requirements 4.1 and up
Overview Hard to hang out with friends and family? Or even planning for a birthday party or even a meeting. Tired of the traditional way of inviting people using emails and texting/SMS?

There is an easy way to create and keep track of your invites – ReSVPond.
ReSVPond is simply an RSVP app that uses invitees phone numbers instead of emails.
It is a RSVP app which work similarly like rsvp events apps, rsvp website or rsvp online portals for example wedding rsvp website or meeting invitation which usually use emails and requires you and your friends to register their email to the site but with ReSVPond everything is in your phone as it uses your contact telephone numbers.
Furthermore its’ scheduling app feature helps you to use as meeting scheduler, event organizer or even booking app like booking your hair salon appointment etc which enables you to organize your events with its’ rsvp invitation, scheduling tool user-friendly interface and you can also add reminder feature on your phone as every event can be linked and saved onto your phone calendar. You’ll never find any other inviting app as easy and efficient as ReSVPond
There are two types of resVpond apps resVpond Basic and resVpond Plus.
With resVpond Basic you’ll be able to
• Receive and respond to unlimited invites
• Save the event in your phone calendar
• Put reminder in your phone
• View the image or invitation card sent
• Put notes to each invite to the sender
With resVpond Plus you’ll be able to
• Receive and respond to unlimited invites
• Create and track your invites (Invitation Maker or Invitation App)
• Able to allow up to three options for the invitees to respond to your invite
• Save the event in your phone calendar
• Put reminder in your phone
• Insert image or invitation card in the invites
• Put notes in every invite
• View the Summary for every invite created
• Maximum of five active invites at a time/active invites (each invite will become inactive after the event date elapse)
• Maximum 15 invitees per invite
In resVpond Plus for each invite created, the invite creator is able to see the responses from the invitees listed in different responses groups and to see notes given by each individual.
Everyone has to install at least the resVpond Basic in order for them to be able to receive your invitations but only those who install resVpond Plus can create and send invitations.
For security measure during the registration process, once you have put your name and phone number, a verification number will be sent via SMS to your phone. Please insert the verification number to complete the installation.
To use the “save date to calendar” feature, please make sure you allow required permissions in your phone setting.

What’s New
ReSVPond Plus v2.0
RSVP App that enables users to create,send,receive and respond to invites using phone numbers.

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