Advanced Tools Pro v2.1.0 build 91 [Paid]

Advanced Tools Pro v2.1.0 build 91 [Paid]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: A complete set of tools to manage your device, Advanced Tools is: file manager, task
manager, apk manager, system manager and now much more with new device-related tools (sensors,
gps, flashlight).

About Advanced Tools Pro
A complete set of tools to manage your device, Advanced Tools is: file manager, task manager, apk
manager, system manager and now much more with new device-related tools (sensors, gps, flashlight).
Even more options and features available for root users.
Pro version is the premium choice, all the features unlocked and no ads.
**** NOTES ****
Logcat tool now requires root in order to run, READ_LOG permission has been removed.
CAMERA permission was added to make the flashlight tool available for a wider range of devices.
Multitab file manager with full root skills and FTP client support (also available as stand-alone app).

  • Operate on (up to) four different tabs
  • File operations between tabs (no need to navigate back!)
  • Access/modify RO folders, system, data, etc.
  • Copy, cut, paste, delete, rename files or folders
  • Add new folders
  • Add new text files
  • Integrated mini text editor
  • Search files or folders
  • Get file or folder details
  • Set file or folder permissions
  • Zip/unzip files or whole folders
  • Browse zip file’s contents
  • Unzip selected contents from a zip file
  • Send files via bluetooth
  • Share supported files
  • Storage info with pie charts
  • Set starting folders (shortcuts)
  • FTP: download/upload files or whole folders
  • FTP: browse FTP contents, add new folders
  • Info and guide
    Access internal settings which are normally hidden to the end user. For non-root users it’s a diagnostic
    tool (all the values are read only), for root users a powerful tool to configure system properties, kernel
    virtual memory and Android’s internal task killer, permanently or even temporarily.
  • Plenty of info about system, memory, graphic, hw, battery
  • Change LCD density
  • Change the heap size
  • Change “max events per second” value
  • Change the WiFi scan interval
  • …and more properties from build.prop file
  • Change “min free kbytes” value
  • Change “vfs cache pressure” value
  • Change swappiness value
  • Change dirty ratio and dirty background ratio
  • …and more kernel’s VM and sysctl parameters
  • Configure Android’s internal task killer
  • Access special settings and info
  • View filesystem
  • View dmesg (Kernel Debug Messages)
  • View live logcat
  • Record, filter, stop, resume logcat
  • Detect CarrierIQ
  • Info and guide
    Kill unwanted processes which run in background, and also, get in-depth info over processes and
    running services.
  • Kill selected applications
  • Filter system processes (security options)
  • Info about running services
  • Safelist (ignore list)
  • Info and guide
    Manage or remove applications, retrieve detailed info about the Android Packages (Apk) installed. Root
    users have the ability to backup and restore applications, freeze and/or delete system applications (use
    with caution!).
  • Detailed info about each installed application
  • Uninstall applications
  • Freeze system applications
  • Uninstall system applications
  • Backup and restore applications
  • Clear app cache/data
  • Manage startup apps (grant/deny auto-start)
  • Manage app components! ( Pro only)
  • View content of manifest file ( Pro only)
  • Safelist (ignore list)
  • Info and guide
    ATOOLS TERMINAL ( Pro only)
  • Pseudo terminal emulator
  • Execute linux commands
  • Quick buttons for mount and set permissions
  • Scan and analyze all the sensors installed
  • Compass tool
  • Compass calibration tool
  • Magnetic field detector
  • Get all the info passed by GPS device
  • Fast fix tool to get signal fixed in less time
  • Scan satellites and get dedicated info
  • Get your current location’s address
  • Time in State monitor
  • Real-time CPU meter
  • Floating CPU meter
  • Set scaling frequencies and governor
  • Use the camera flashlight as a torch
  • One touch to power on / power off
  • Quick launch from notification bar
  • Hide notification bar (fullscreen)
  • Change theme (3 skins – 8 skins in Pro version)
    Enjoy Advanced Tools!

What’s New:
version 2.1.0

  • improvements and bug fixes

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