Ember for KLWP v2020.Jun.15.12

Ember for KLWP v2020.Jun.15.12
Requirements: 5.0/klwp
Overview: Ember for KLWP is a collection of hot home screen setups. This live wallpaper pack contains themes fit for screens of all aspect ratios.

Themes in this app

1. Aldra – 2 screens in the launcher, icons not included.
2. Uloya – 3 screens in the launcher, icons not included.
3. Hinnoya – 2 screens in the launcher, icons not included.
4. Senja – 1 screen in the launcher. Tap on cards on top/bottom of the display to go to different screens. Featuring Nidji icon pack by DreamOn.
5. Nire – 2 screens in the launcher, icons not included
More coming very soon.

If you’re having any issues, please contact me via e-mail available below, or on Twitter:

How to use my themes:

1. Buy and install KLWP Pro
2. Install KLWP
3. Open my app
4. Tap on the preset you want to use
5. Tap the “save” icon in the top right corner
6. Go to your launcher
7. Set the exact number of screens I mentioned at the beginning of this app’s description next to the name of the preset you’re using

Why you need to buy KLWP Pro?

KLWP is a tool developed by Frank Monza, who I am not affiliated with. This is how he designed KLWP. Buying KLWP Pro unlocks the possibility to use presets like my app.
What’s New:

This app has no advertisements
Added one theme: Nire. 2 screens in launcher.

More Info:

Download Instructions:


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