Hindu Calendar – Panchang, Choghadiya and Mahurats v77.02.28 (Mod)

Hindu Calendar – Panchang, Choghadiya and Mahurats v77.02.28 (Mod)
Requirements: 5.1 and up
Overview: Panchang(पंचांग) or Panchagam(पंचांगम) combines five elements of Vedic astrology. These five elements are Tithi Nakshatra Karana Yoga and Var.

Panchang(पंचांग) or Panchagam(पंचांगम) combines five elements of Vedic astrology. These five elements are Tithi Nakshatra Karana Yoga and Var.
These elements change on a daily basis according to the movement of the moon and sun. That’s why Hindu follow daily Panchang also known as Hindu Calendar.

Dainika Panchangam – See Tithi with visual high-quality moon phases Tithi paksha yoga Karana Nakshatra and Var check the Start and End time of Panchangam elements.

Sunrise(सूर्योदय) and sunset(सूर्यास्त) information see daily Choghadiya(चौघड़िया) – day and night.

Kaal vela: See Rahu kaal yamgand kaal Gulik kaal and Abhijit Mahurat

Dainika Hora: View day and night hora with accurate time duration

Localization – App supports Hindi and English language.

Dark Mode – With dark mode use the Hindu calendar without any irritation in your eyes.

Location – Latitude(अक्षांश) and longitude(देशांतर) option given in settings for accurate information.

Hindu Clock – Vedic time also known as Ishtakal is provided to track time as per the Vedic Era of Hinduism. Just like Hour Mins and Secs Each day (from sunrise to next sunrise) is divided into Ghati Pala and Vipala in Hindu time or Vedic time. 60 Ghati makes a day in Vedic time.

Festivals – Hindu Calendar gives information about Jayanti fasting days including Ekadashi Sankashti Pradosham Purnima Sankranti Durgashtami and Shivaratri days for the year.

This application is a great tool to help you get the most out of your day and plan your days for success.

Hindi calendar 2020 contains Hindu Panchang for 2020 and Ekadashi Chathurthi Poornima and Amavasya for Calendar 2020.

This Hindu Calendar App gives you every information about any date month and year(ex. 2020 2021……).
Check mahurats for 2020-21.

Whether you are searching for Hindi Calendar 2020-21 or Hindu Calendar 2020-21 हिंदी कैलेंडर पंचांग चोघडिया होरा राहु काल Choghadiya app Choghadiya Hindi 2020-21 Gujrati Panchang 2020-21 Hindi Panchang Calendar Panchangam mahurat app moon phases app or Marwadi Calendar then your search will end here.

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  • Easy And Simple To Use
  • Simple and Decent Look
  • Daily Day/Night Choghadiya
  • पंचांग – तिथी नक्षत्र करण योग तथा वार
  • Rahu Kaal / राहु काल
  • Yamgand Kaal / यमगण्ड काल
  • Gulik Kaal / गुलिक काल
  • Abhijit Mahurat / अभिजीत महूरत
  • Day & Night Hora / होरा
  • Visual High-Quality Moon phases for Tithi
  • Krishna and Shukla Paksha information
  • Works in Multi-window
  • Crystal clear Calendar
  • Super fast Hindu Calendar
  • High Quality Of icons and Material design
  • List Of Indian Festivals / त्यौहार
  • View Maasam Vaaram Thithi And Nakshatram
  • Hindi festivals Tithi Vaar Paksha Karan yoga Nakshatra.
  • Displays the list of festivals in Hindi for every month.
  • Vivah Mundan Vahan Kharidi Namkaran Mahurats information available
  • Hindi Panchang for any day of the calendar. Tithi paksha yoga Karana Nakshatra and Var.
  • Hindu Calendar Indian National Calendar Hindi Calendar Panchang 2020-2021 Hindu Calendar 2020
  • Beautiful Hindi calendar for the year
  • Sankranthi details
  • Vrat details
  • Ekadashi Details
  • All Festival details
  • Best Hindu calendar / हिन्दू कैलेंडर for 2020-21

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Mod info:
All Ad’s and place holders Disabled
res cleaned and optimized graphics

What’s New:
**Update v77.02.28 **

  • Fixed: Dainika Panchang Date issue fixed as reported by our valuable user Mr. Arun ji.
  • Fixed: minor bugs

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