Mazetools Soniface v2.51 [Paid]

Mazetools Soniface v2.51 [Paid]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Unique environment for composing soundscapes, beats and songs.

Everything starts with one point on the grid: a synthesizer, where every grid line is connected to a tone. It lights up, while playing the sound. Colors are related to harmonies. Adding drums lets the grid pulsate. The scene gets surrounded by the soundscape sampler. All modules together form the Maze – the point on the Grid.


  • Multiple Mazes
  • Pattern mode
  • Audio recording
  • Multitouch synthesizer modelling on the Grid
  • Multitouch enabled Maze-Editor
  • Loop recording: Each parameter can be automatized by recording the movement
  • Automation interface to draw automation curves for each controller and connect controllers to external inputs
  • Different grid modes as base to compose
  • Kaleidoscope visual interface
  • In-App help function
  • Ableton Link


  • Interactive grid lines to play the synthesizer
  • Color, notes & chords interface for musical harmonies
  • Synthesizer sound parameter and grid physics controller
  • Sequencer interface
  • Sound synthesis interface
  • >Sample to Grid< function to use own samples as base for the sound synthesis
  • External controller input for playing the grid/synthesizer and the basic tones

Soundscape Sampler

  • Microphone input and sample library
  • Integration of own samples and audio files
  • Loop function with selection of start and end points
  • Granular synthesis incl. harmonizer function & arpeggiator
  • Spatial audio
  • Audio effects section incl. echo, filter, chorus & distortion
  • Sample sequencer
  • Sample trigger function

Rhythm & Drum Interface:

  • Drum synthesizer & drum sampler combination
  • Three-part step sequencer (Bass drum, Snare, Hi-Hat)
  • Step input quantized or free
  • Polyphonic and monophonic playback switch
  • Spatial audio
  • Drum sample library
  • Link to sampler to use own samples as drum elements
  • Envelope menu
  • Audio effects section inkl. echo, filter, chorus & distortion
  • Drum pad interface for live interaction
  • External controller input to play drums


  • Multi-Touch Input
  • Keyboard Input
  • Ableton Link

Soniface is a unique tool to create music.The spherical mixture of visuals and sounds allows for new approaches to compose. In addition to intuitive elements, the modular system offers far-reaching options. Synths, drums and samples can be combined with audio effects, sequencers, automation, loop recording as well as innovative input methods.

Based on experimentation and dynamic action, the app focuses on the process of creation. It leads to unexpected and exciting results. To catch these moments, it’s advisable to capture audio and video.

What’s New:
Beta 2.51

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