Neon Space Theme for KLWP v2020.Jun.19.16

Neon Space Theme for KLWP v2020.Jun.19.16
Requirements: 5.0/klwp
Overview: Supported aspect ratios: 16:9, 18:9, 18.5:9, 19:9, 19.5:9.

(* if you are interested in unlocked files, please email me with your bill code at any time. I will send it to you. Thank you very much)

The theme describes the futuristic design.

There are 12 default colours, but you can change to whatever colour you like in klwp.

This Theme is 4 screens setup preset that include 2 main sections:

1. Homepage:

A. There are 4 pages with different wallpaper for each page. It will be changed when you switch to the other screen page.

B. There are 6 favourite apps on each page. So totally there are 24 favourite apps. Plus with 4 main apps at the bottom.

C. You can hide the wallpaper to show up just the date time information to save the battery. It is also called: Power Saving Mode in the setting of the theme.

D. Quick settings. You can toggle wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode and change Theme colors quickly there.

2. Information:

To enter this section, the theme will provide you a method to get in by touching the FingerPrint button.

A. Weather Information:

A1. General weather forecast information for the next 4 days.

A2. By tapping each day, you can see the information of the weather forecast for that day.

B. Calendar information:

B1. Information of upcoming events.

B2. By tapping each day, you can see the information of your events on that day. And there is also a calendar section that show the whole calendar information. You can switch to any day to check the events on that day, and simply tapping the month section to return to the current day.


C1. There are 4 news sources: GlobalIssues world, Buzzfeed World, Yahoo World, C|net Android Update.

C2. By tapping each source, you can read the news of that source.

D. Music and Setting:

D1. Music with information: Album, Artist, Song, and Music visualization.

D2. Setting: toggle wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode, corlors changing, power saving mode.


1. This is not a standalone app. You need: Nova Launcher Prime, KLWP pro to run it.

2. In Nova Settings, you need to do:

A. Homescreen -> Dock -> Disable it

B. Homescreen -> Page Indicator -> None

C. Homescreen -> Advanced -> Show Shadow, off

D. App Drawer -> Swipe Indicator -> off

E. Look and Feel -> Show Notification Bar -> off

E. Look and Feel -> Hide Navigation Bar -> checked

On the main homescreen outside, you set 4 pages. And in the Klwp editor, under the Plus button, you will see the simple that looks like the monitor, tap it and then set the X variable to 4. And Y is 1 only because this Theme is not supported for vertical swiping.

Tutorial videos:

A. Set up Nova settings and launch KLWP theme.

B. Change default apps to your favourite apps.

C. Change wallpapers

D. Change rss sources

Special thanks to @vhthinh_at for the template.
And CO.AG for the Music.

If you have any troubles in using the theme, please email me at any time, I am very happy to help you. My email:

Thank you very much

What’s New:
Improved animation.
Redesigned some sections.
Added notification section and option to turn them off.
Changed some old apps to more popular apps.
Fixed sms notification
Fixed wrong spelling for Upcoming events

This app has no advertisements

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Download Instructions:


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