Paint – Pro v3.1 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.0.3+

Paint – Pro is one of the best fun painting and drawing app for you on Play Store. You can use their fingers or a stylus to draw beautiful drawings and unleash your creativity and entertain yourself at the same time. It’s simple and fun to use you can enjoy and learn drawing on this app. Paint – Pro is absolutely lite weight and completely free app which can be used for educational purpose and introducing anyone to drawing right from your phones or tablets. It can be used to practice the alphabet and numbers and paintings while educating.

This app has a simple and easy to use design. It is not confusing and easily recognisable icons are used in the app which makes it easy and quite simple to use. This is a single screen and one click app you land on the app and can start using it as soon as you click on app icon no annoying welcome screens or button clicks required to actually start working on the app.

Key Features of Application

– Paint Pro is one of the best painting or drawing apps to unleash their creativity.
– You can draw beautiful pictures and paintings with over 20 colours.
– This App offers you a white background for you to start fresh drawing on.
– Using Paint Pro you can Save and Share the picture through social media.
– Paint Pro offers multiple brush and eraser sizes for a great experience.
– Paint Pro is a lightweight paint app which hardly takes any space on your device.
– Paint Pro works on both phones and Tablets.
– Best suited for phones having a screen size greater than or equal to 4 inches.

You can share your images on Pinterest board or Google Plus Collection below are the links.

Please share this app if you like it. Happy painting!!

What’s New:
1. Added shapes including square, rectangle, circle, oval and lines.
2. Added normal, glow and spray brush types.
3. Added fill feature for closed areas in drawing.
4. Improved zoom functionality, zoom using pinch zoom and view zoom level or reset.
5. Improved design and performance.

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