Theme Hub for KLWP v2020.May.30.00

Theme Hub for KLWP v2020.May.30.00
Requirements: 5.0 // KLWP app
Overview: Supported aspect ratios: 16:9, 18:9, 18.5:9, 19:9, 19.5:9.

This theme is designed with smooth animation.

There are 6 quick apps and 16 favorite apps in Application section.

There are 10 different colors to change. Dark mode and Light mode.

This Theme is 3 screens setup preset:

1. First page is Setting page.
There 10 different colors to change.
Dark mode and light mode.
Toggle wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode.

2. Second page is Home page.
Date time, battery, weather information.
5 main apps.

3. Third page is Hub page that includes: Weather, Calendar, Music, News, Applications. You can touch each section to go for more details.

A. Weather:
Displays weather forecast for next few days including today. To change weather app when touching, please look for group named “Wa…”. Default weather app in this theme is Today Weather. It will not open the app when touched if you haven’t installed this app yet. But you can change the app to launch to your weather app by editing touch action for the above group (Wa).

B. Calendar:
Displays full information of calendar as well as upcoming events and events in specific date.

C. Music:
Quick play and full music player interface with music visualization. The default music player app in this theme is Google Play Music. Please look for group named “Ma…” and “Mb…-> 1st group” to change the app to launch when touched.

D. News:
There are 5 news sources: Comingsoon (Movies), Goal (Sport), Buzzfeed (World), Androidcentral (Android), 9to5mac (Ios). To change rss sources, please edit values of Global variable named “nyt”. The sytax of this value:,https:/ … .com/feed/

E. Applications:
There are 6 quick apps at first layer. The second layer has 16 apps. To change quick apps, please look for group named “Ab…”. To change 16 apps, please look for groups that are already named outside.


1. This is not a standalone app. You need: Nova Launcher Prime, KLWP pro to run it.

2. In Nova Settings, you need to do:

A. Homescreen -> Dock -> Disable it

B. Homescreen -> Page Indicator -> None

C. Homescreen -> Advanced -> Show Shadow, off

D. App Drawer -> Swipe Indicator -> off

E. Look and Feel -> Show Notification Bar -> off

E. Look and Feel -> Hide Navigation Bar -> checked

On the main homescreen outside, you set 3 pages. And in the Klwp editor, under the Plus button, you will see the simple that looks like the monitor, tap it and then set the X variable to 3. And Y is 1 only because this Theme is not supported for vertical swiping.

Frequently question:
Theme not scrolling?
Answer: please look for Support section in Klwp app. You can find the solution right at the first section.

If you have any troubles in using the theme, please email me at any time, I am very happy to help you. My email:

Thank you very much.

What’s New:
Fixed the alignment and notifications of quick apps of Theme 1 and Theme 1.1

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:


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